Creating a Database – the key to “creating a business”

You often hear about businesses “creating something”

Apple is “creating something”; changing the technology and business world on a daily basis.

“Creating something” for yourself, is all about creating customer interaction! Unless people are interested in your product or service, there is not much point putting effort in to it.

Creating a database should underpin all businesses. A database of people who are genuinely interested in your offering, even if they haven’t purchased yet!

I’ve got loads of ideas on how to create and build your database, more on that later, but first start by setting up a Mail Chimp account and load in as many contacts as you can.

Build a template within the program (or employ some one to do it), and you are off.

It’s best to start with an introductory email, some thing lighthearted and easy going and build your message from there.

Have a think about your purpose; is it brand awareness? Education about a product, service or industry? Does it drive people to your website or social media?

What are your messages?
The best emails are ones that are social, interactive and casual – no hard sell here!!! For example, if targeting a female homeowner audience – offer recipes, home renovation ideas, maybe a competition?!

At the end of the day, the bigger your database, (along with a brand), the more you have to sell (should that be your exit strategy).

More on emails later…
CW x

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