Fitness & Strength Journey

After giving birth to my daughter in August 2013, I had gained about 8kg.

Then, I used breastfeeding as an excuse to eat and gained another 8kg!

From November 2013 – February 2014 I lost about 10kg through a low carb, high protein diet. But it wasn’t sustainable. I hadn’t felt ready to start dieting and exercising straight away after the birth as I was too tired and needed to generate enough food for daughter. On days when I wouldn’t eat enough my daughter would be hungry and cranky! I just had to put her needs first….

In April 2014 I was introduced to Rosalie Watson, Personal Trainer at Les Mills Hutt City.

When I started with Rose, my body fat was 37%!!!

Rose’s philosophy is about training women with weights to generate a beautiful strong physic with booty and strength. This is just perfect to me as I’m not a twig!!! And much prefer a healthy strong physic over a super skinny bony female body. Rose is always up for a cheeky joke and laugh! Thankfully she’s as crazy as me… perfect! 😛

As I am such a goal oriented person, we’ve had to set some benchmarks for me to achieve

Power lifting goals to achieve by December 2014;
Deadlift 100kg. Current PB: 90kg (managed 1+2+2 reps at this weight).
Squat 80kg. Current PB: 67.5kg
Bench 50kg. Current PB: 35kg
5 x Unassisted pull ups. Currently I am using 11kg of assistance.

Body fat reduced to 18%.

My current Body Fat is 22.7% as at October 2014. That is a massive drop of 15% body fat.

Here are my progress shots:



When embarking on a fitness journey, it is always a good idea to take progress shots, and to have some goals. Some days when my eating hasn’t been so great, or I’m just feeling plain BLAH, going back and looking at where I have come from makes me feel so much better and reminds me to keep pushing through.

Overall, the biggest thing I have got out of this journey so far is that eating the right food is the most important of the journey, it’s 90% diet, 10% gym work (although the 10% is blimmen hard work!), and also, that it is not about the body image, but the feel good! I feel fantastic and feel happy!

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