Top 5 things to make life easier with a Baby

I’ve done it once – our little girl Isabella, who was born 6 August 2013. And along the way I’ve bought so much stuff; some of it helpful, some, not so much!

Favourite purchases as as follows:

Marks & Spencer Sleepsuits
Our daughter slept in these from about eight weeks (along with a sleep sack). It’s a great way to ensure baby stays warm and comfortable, but also the routine of wearing the sleep suit encourages them that it’s night time. And they are cheap and great quality! Their normal bodysuits and singlets are excellent also! Oh and Free shipping! See here.

GroAnywhere Blackout Blind
We like to travel, and you never know what kind of curtains you will come across. This black curtain has suction cups which stick directly on to the window and provide a great seal. Available from Baby City.

Breastmates Feeding Cover
Even if bottle feeding your baby I’m sure this would be useful. This is a great cover for Breastfeeding, but also for over baby if you are out and they are sleeping on you, or covering the pram to block out visual stimulation. I’ve also used this to tie my daughter to a high chair at a cafe when they haven’t had straps! The cover had a solid plastic bit, which once put around your neck provides a nice view down to watch your baby feeding, or sleeping. $36.90 from Breastmates.
Ps I always have a black thin scarf in my handbag for when I need to provide cover for Isabella or secure her to a high chair now!

Get in the experts
At about four months my daughter switched her days and nights – started waking about five times in the night for feeds (up from twice). I called Lena from Baby Beyond. I’ve worked with Lena a few times over the past year, the most recent time was when my daughter was about 10 months old, and it was phenomenal! my daughter now happily sleeps through the night. Even if it’s just for reassurance that you are doing the right thing, Lena is amazing. Contact Baby & Beyond – Lena Florence.

Tupperware Fuel Pack & Snack Cups
Pop left overs, snacks, every thing and any thing in these little container and then when you go to go out with bubs (admittedly they are going to be 6 months +) you just pop all the containers from the fridge in the fuel pack, and icepack and GO! It has made my life so much quicker and I know there is a varied diet being offered with lots of snack foods. Water tight and microwaveable, these are quality perfection! Contact Kate Harris –

Our daughter, Isabella Maie, just a few weeks oldIMG_1484.JPG

Good luck with your new addition x

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