Top tips for travelling with a toddler

I have a very very busy wee One year old (going on 13). And we like to travel!

Here are some of my top tips for travelling with a toddler.

Use a Baby carrier for carrying your child to and from the plane. I have the Baby Elite which copes up to 15kgs and is front facing. It leaves your hands free for passports etc and contains your child during custom lines etc. Oh and provides bubs with a new perspective!

Phil & Teds buggy bag
We dismantle our buggy by taking the wheels off and pop it in the buggy bag. It also is a great place for spare nappies, some books, soft toys etc. Much better than your luggage!

New toys for the plane. I suggestlight weight ones, and you can be creative! You don’t have to go out and buy new toys. Things like Fabric bags, fabrics, little folded pieces of paper with images on them that can be open and shut and then put the sick bag as a game! Be adventurous.

Sleep sack for sleep time (if you use one). Either way, follow your routine for a happy baby. Our 13 month old is having two sleeps a day, but can have those on us (only when travelling), in the car, in the pram… But we always follow the same routine before bed. Snack, milk, music, whatever you do….routine just makes them feel comfortable.

Dear I say it – iPad. We’ve tried noise controlled ear phones but toddlers are just a bit too young. The way I see it is that if your child is quiet, a little iPad noise never hurt anyone!

Snack foods for entertainment. Foods can also be put in and out of containers (like crackers, a raisins packet) for a fun game! Just remember to ditch any open food and bio security risk foods before landing. And declare any commercially packaged foods.

Overall, just go with the flow. Your energy is passed to your child, so keep calm and relaxed. Talk softly and calmly and keep your toddler entertained….

Good luck…

CW x


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