An Example of Email Success – 180 Resource Solutions

My hubby started his own Recruitment business December 2013 – 180 Resource Solutions. Yes, just a few months after our daughter was born!

Mike had been in the recruitment business for many years, but had been out of the Construction and Property Recruitment market for a while… we needed to figure out a way to launch the company, increase company visibility and remind local construction and property companies that Mike was back in the game and willing to assist!

It took a while, but a list ofΒ clients was composed in Mail Chimp. This took a lot of time and effort, and help from Mr Google. All of these contacts were past contacts, so it was not unsolicited email.

In Mail Chimp we built a template using company branding and colours, took some photos of Mike in his suit in the backyard (humble beginnings!).

Day one of business, we sent the email…..

And people replied!!!

“Well done Mike!”
“Great to know where you are for when we need you…”

“Can we meet with you please? We may have an opportunity!”

180 Resource Solutions was born from one simple email. Emails are now sent monthly to a host of different targeted lists. More on that later!

The key message here is that for little to no money, just time, you can “create something”. All you need to a database and a cheap and easy module like Mail Chimp.

Some ideas for a good email;

  • Always offer something of value; a giveaway, a special or promotion, free tickets to an event for participating in social media or website interaction
  • Keep it short and sweet – not too much text
  • Lots of links to your website to drive traffic
  • Think really hard about your subject line – what is going to ultimately make your audience “click” and read more?

Good luck with your emailing…. And most importantly…Have fun “creating something”

CW x

Check out 180 Resource Solutions on Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.

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