Strength journey update 2015 – calls for new goals

In the last week of December is smashed a few of my gym goals
Press up aim: 40. Achieved 28
Unassisted Pull ups: 1
Dips: 2
Bench press Aim: 50kg. Achieved 42.5kg after two failed attempts at 45kg. And having done press ups, bench & dips!
Deadlift Aim: 100kg. Achieved 1x105kg. It popped up on my third attempt.
Squat Aim: 80kg. Achieved 1x95kg
At 69kg body weight, 20.4% body fat.

Absolutely stoked with my deadlift and squat achievements! It was scary…. I’ve never experienced weight like that on my back or pulling. When I started my fitness journey in April 2014 I couldn’t do one press up and didn’t know what a deadlift was!

Read more about the beginning here

2015 short term goals:
Press up: 40
Pull ups: 2
Dips 3-5
Deadlift 110kg
Squat 105kg
Press up 45kg

Achieve 17-18% body fat, drop some weight, without losing too much muscle / I don’t want to reduce too quickly as I’ll lose my strength.

The thing is – gym, health and wellness is a journey that doesn’t end. Setting goals helps with focus and determination.

Tomorrow’s programme – hill walk pushing the buggy! 12kg buggy, 12kg child!

Omaha Beach, Auckland, New Zealand, January 2015

One thought on “Strength journey update 2015 – calls for new goals

  1. jackmat89 January 13, 2015 / 9:04 am

    Congrats on hitting your targets, some impressive stuff right there!


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