Things to do in Noosa, Sunshine Coast, QLD

We were in Noosa again, and I never published this post from last time…whoops!

Noosa is such an amazing place, every time we go we find more things to do – it never gets boring.

We definitely try to cram most of these things in to our diary while we are up there.

Big loop walk – this is a goodie! When we come over from NZ we often wake up at some ridiculous hour (like 4/5am) so it can be great to bust this out before breakfast places open. Go either way you want around the loop. There is a great butt blasting hill – one way is short sharp and sweet, the other way is a gradual burn creator! Take your pick.

Ps if you are with a stroller, it’s great walking/running as its all smooth paving.

Aquatic centre – perfect for really hot Noosa days when you don’t want to be in the sun. The toddler area is covered, has gradual sweeping entry and the facilities are clean.  

Toddlers and weight training

I’ve had a bit of a wobbly time lately when it comes to my eating and training. Las Vegas, Conference, Weddings, family and other commitments has meant I haven’t concentrated on my training or nutrition as much as I should. However, I’m bridesmaid for my good friends wedding in May, so I’ve got roughly four weeks to get into prime physical condition!

We did testing last week. Here are the results   I’ve also lost cms off my body and reduced body fat.

  • Press ups. Aim 40. Achieved 31. Not bad considering I couldn’t even do 1 press up April 2014
  • Squat. Aim 110. Achieved 100kg.
  • Bench. Aim 50. Achieved 50kg!
  • Deadlift. Aim 115. Achieved 115kg!

Was super happy with my deadlift and bench. Not so happy with squat – it’s not my favourite at the mo… 😦

*I showed this photo to my husband and he said, “oh wow, you look great, but look at what the guy next to you is lifting”. Haha a bit of a laugh!

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