It really has been that long…

….since I’ve been on here

Fitness motivation has been lacking….

We had a beautiful time at the wedding in Melbourne. It was fabulous motivation to get fit and healthy, but after that it’s been a bit bumpy! Winter food cravings haven’t helped!

 Bridesmaids wore: Zimmerman plunge dress and Asos Head over Heels Mermaid Heels by Dune
But, I’m back on track!

So, when I fall off, I always go back to these suggestions for getting back on track:

  • Set goals, create an event to look forward to, book a beach holiday (bikini motivation!), set some weight lifting or body weight exercise goals.
  • Plan meals – it’s too easy to fall off the nutrition bandwagon if the food you need is not easily accessible
  • Have fun – mix it up. Find a new training partner, class or maybe some slick new workout wear.

It is, however good to have a break and change it up. Over the last few weeks I’ve been doing more “light accessory work”, and no pull ups. It was incredibly rewarding to achieve 4.5 pull-ups this week. The most I’ve ever done….
So, let’s not be too hard on ourselves! And enjoy our fitness

Food inspiration: My toddler and I have enjoyed making these healthy chocolate chip cookies – with some sugar free chocolate or, no chocolate

New workout wear: I’m quite liking what I’m seeing over at Style Runner and Lorna Jane at the moment. This new Lorna Jane top looks different and a bit of fun – I might just have to buy it! I basically ONLY wear Lorna Jane –  just call me “Lorna”, it’s on all my gear 😉

Have fun xx


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