A Minnie Mouse Celebration… Our girl turns two!

Miss Isabella turned Two, so, of course we had to celebrate!

Thanks to Pinterest, it was easy to seek inspiration for a Minnie Mouse party. Check out my ‘Kids Birthday Ideas’ board here.

Invitations set the tone for the party, these were quite easy to make. I followed these Minnie Mouse Invite instructions and they turned out well! For the circles, vases and ramekins were used to get the right size rather than printing to heavy card as my printer just couldn’t handle it. One thing to note is to be careful where you place the ears… Wider set ears didn’t fit in the envelopes we made… 😦

Β Β 
The Cake

What a mission! After three test cakes I settled on Chelsea Winter’s Mega Chocolate cake. It’s such a large cake I sliced it in half, filled with ganache then buttercream iced the cake – pink of course! For the Minnie Mouse face, I simply traced the invitation onto fondant and cut the layers appropriately. It was much easier than piping a face or rolling the whole cake in fondant. Plus, not many people like fondant anyway!!

The Food

We kept it pretty simple, but did make some Minnie Mouse inspired treats. Using a cookie cutter, we made Minnie Mouse fairy break, honeydew bites, and my Mum mad some ham and cheese star sandwiches. More of these ideas can be seen on my Pinterest board.

Β Β 
The Venue & Styling

We chose to have the party at a local church hall as they have a bunch of amazing kids toys, a bubble machine and kiddie table and chairs. Plus, a kitchen and couches for the seniors to sit on. The food and kiddie table had the main styling; black and white table cloths, and some Minnie Mouse colouring in pages for the kids to do at their table.

Goodie bags

Glitter popcorn, cars for the boys, bracelets for the girls, and a pad with crayons. Have a look on my Pinterest board for some cute ideas.

I’d be keen to hear of any one else who has ideas for kids birthday parties, perhaps some Pinterest boards or blogs to follow?

I’ll have a few coming up in the years to come!

Post your links in the comments below xx

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