Pregnancy Faves

Pregnancy can be good, bad and sometimes pretty ugly….

So, I think it’s important to look good and look after yourself. Easier said than done sometimes when you feel like your bottom is growing faster than your baby bump, all you want to eat is toast or cake because everything else makes your feel sick, and you don’t feel like moving because you…are…just….sooooo….tired. Luckily I’ve got off lightly on some of those things, but I’m definitely human! I’m of the opinion – why not try to make life easier with some enjoyment and keep moving for endorphins? Continue reading

We’re having a baby!

And we are just so excited!

Our family is growing to four April 2016… I’m 27 weeks so, just over 12 weeks to go till we get to meet our little sprout.

Christmas 2015

This pregnancy has been different to my first pregnancy with Miss I. With Miss I, I threw up basically every meal all the way through to 33 weeks pregnant, but other than that, felt pretty good (except the dreaded tired first trimester). This time around, I’ve thrown up a little, but only really in the first 16 weeks or so, and, was pretty tired during the first trimester, but have been feeling pretty good… Continue reading