We’re having a baby!

And we are just so excited!

Our family is growing to four April 2016… I’m 27 weeks so, just over 12 weeks to go till we get to meet our little sprout.

Christmas 2015

This pregnancy has been different to my first pregnancy with Miss I. With Miss I, I threw up basically every meal all the way through to 33 weeks pregnant, but other than that, felt pretty good (except the dreaded tired first trimester). This time around, I’ve thrown up a little, but only really in the first 16 weeks or so, and, was pretty tired during the first trimester, but have been feeling pretty good…

Summer holidays 2015/16 in Noosa, Queensland

We’ve kept the pregnancy pretty quiet (with the exception of family) until we knew that everything was going well, so it’s been a short journey so far. It’s also been very important to me to stay active, after a 12 week break from the gym, I got back into training with my PT twice a week, have been walking lots, pregnancy yoga, and trying to eat as cleanly as possibly. I’ve adapted a food philosophy for this pregnancy of just trying to eat as well as possible, as much as I feel my body needs, but, within my general food philosophy. But, oh gosh, do I miss a good medium rare steak, smoked salmon, oysters, and the odd glass of red wine! And, I’ve definitely been enjoying icecream – yummy! However, I think (and hope) I’m a little wiser with my lifestyle this time around, as I know how hard it is to get your body back post-baby – so, I’m saying NO to large hot chocolates and date scones every day (sometimes twice a day) this time around.

Things I’ve enjoyed about this pregnancy:

Fitness: Learning new ways to work out at the gym.
Being unable to lie on your back or tummy (and now later on, starting to feel the weight of baby in my pelvis) has meant we’ve had to find new ways (and lighter ways), of working muscle groups. Also, learning about abdominal separation and safety. Perhaps another post on that later?

  24 weeks: Yoga on the deck, poolside. Noosa 

27 weeks: Cable press

Traveling: Slowing down to appreciate being a family of three.
We’ve been lucky enough to have two trips to Noosa, Queensland, Australia during this pregnancy. Most recently over Christmas. A holiday, anywhere, really provides time to relax, enjoy family time, exercise, and clear the mind. During the most recent trip, I did a lot of growing (not sure if was the baby or the icecream?) and thoroughly enjoyed being able to slow down and feel baby’s movements more – something I just love!

Suns out, bumps out, 25 weeks: Noosa

Paddle boarding in Noosa. Decided this was the safest way to do it!

Miss I’s interaction with baby bump.
Now that I have a bump, she absolutely adores laying her head on my bump. Kissing and cuddling the baby. I also used to hold her hand on my tummy and say “can you feel baby kicking?”, she now pokes out her tummy, holds my hand against her tummy and says “can you feel baby kicking Mummy?”. It MELTS me!

I finish work in about five weeks. We decided to finish a little earlier than four weeks from due date as we have a lot going on at the moment. Hopefully, that means I’ll have more time to blog – ha, yeah wishful thinking….

Looking forward to the third trimester as it begins, and then meeting our little sprout soon x

CW x

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