Pregnancy Faves

Pregnancy can be good, bad and sometimes pretty ugly….

So, I think it’s important to look good and look after yourself. Easier said than done sometimes when you feel like your bottom is growing faster than your baby bump, all you want to eat is toast or cake because everything else makes your feel sick, and you don’t feel like moving because you…are…just….sooooo….tired. Luckily I’ve got off lightly on some of those things, but I’m definitely human! I’m of the opinion – why not try to make life easier with some enjoyment and keep moving for endorphins?

#1: Nature Baby Mums Butter

Number 1 must have product for me! I used it throughout pregnancy #1, and this time from about eight weeks on belly, boobs, bottoms and back of thighs to reduce the risk of stretch marks. I’ve gone through FIVE pots of the stuff already. It’s a godsend, and works!!!! Can’t recommend enough. I’m about to order some more of this goodness!

Shop Mum’s Butter here

 #2 ASOS maternity jeans

These are Amaze! Im sorry but maternity jeans at shops are disgusting; over the bump and baggy…. Particularly early on in pregnancy. These ASOS jeans are chic, tight to the ankles, stretchy. Under the bump is perfect when normal jeans are too tight, but there isn’t a big bump to keep “over the bump” up. I had these in black and blue and were perfect when belly was sensitive and growing slowly but not much to show yet.

ASOS maternity jeans in black – early pregnancy

  ASOS maternity jeans in blue
Shop ASOS maternity jeans here

#3 Fitness wear and exercises 

When pregnant last time I looked into maternity fitness wear, and even imported a few pieces, but, it’s just not that great when you are pregnant in summer. It’s quite heavy. The best pair of tights I’ve found are from Fit Forever, Brazillian made over the bump tights. I’ve been wearing these on my walk for extra support. Other than that, I’ve gone up a size in Lululemon tights and Lorna Jane tops.

   Lorna Jane top & Lululemon pants

Lorna Jane top & Lululemon pants in blue (love me some colour!)

Pregnancy exercise faves so far have been; walking with the buggy and dog, cable machine ANYTHING, squats, press, triceps dips and some free weights.

Shop Lorna Jane

Shop Lululemon

Shop Fit Forever Maternity tights

#4 Bliss Balls

Oh so perfect when you need that hit of something sweet, but something full of protein and flavour.

Bliss balls:

  • If fresh dates, simply blend. If dried dates, soak in boiling water for a little while to soften (drain) then blend
  • Add nuts of choice: I chose Pecans, Brazil and Cashews
  • Good tablespoon of cacao powder
  • Chocolate protein powder (see package for recommended measure)
  • Cinnamon
  • 150ish mls coconut oil
  • Blend until happy with the consistency, if too wet add something like LSA or more protein powder, if too dry, add more coconut oil
  • Roll into small balls
  • Either leave as is, or roll in LSA or coconut shreds

#5 Meet Phillip, my pregnancy pillow

Why “Phillip”? I’ve named the pillow “Phillip” (alliteration) as a joke as it sleeps between my hubby and me, and he’s as long as a person – so, the third person in our bed! But oh “Phillip” is a good comforter…. Every pregnant lady needs a “Phillip” in their life!

Search trader “Baby4U” on Trade Me for  Pregnancy Pillow
Pregnancy can be hideous for some women, but if we try to look after ourselves and our little humans then maybe it can be more enjoyable? These five things have definitely helped me, perhaps they may help you too…


CW x

Disclaimer: please note I’m not a personal trainer, nutritionist or pregnancy expert. I’m simply sharing my experiences and what works for my body.

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