Pregnancy Workout – 33 weeks

Personal Trainer, Rose Watson has been keeping me fit, working out with her twice a week has been amazing. Not only am I working on my strength and conditioning for my upcoming birth marathon (did I mention my last labour was 32 hours long?), but it is also amazing to have time away from “mum duties”. It’s always fun working out with Rose (how am I going to cope waiting for my body to repair before returning….)?!?

Here’s another pregnancy workout:

Circuit (Repeat 3x through)

  • Romanian deadlift dbell x12
  • Walking lunge (about 50 total per set)
  • Abductor band walk (about 30-40 per side per set)

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Keeping fit for baby 

Prior to getting pregnant my fitness lifestyle consisted of stength training with a personal trainer at the gym, walking and eating well…..

However, since finding out I was pregnant I have cut back on a lot of weighted exercises, but still trained twice a week. Big shout out to my trainer Rose Watson who was adapted our workouts and supported my changing/growing body. Thanks lady!

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