Keeping fit for baby 

Prior to getting pregnant my fitness lifestyle consisted of stength training with a personal trainer at the gym, walking and eating well…..

However, since finding out I was pregnant I have cut back on a lot of weighted exercises, but still trained twice a week. Big shout out to my trainer Rose Watson who was adapted our workouts and supported my changing/growing body. Thanks lady!

We’ve been mixing it up in the gym by doing some small weight or body weight circuits, and, it feels great to still be moving and having a fit pregnancy. Though – I do miss the barbell… And that rush of achieving a new goal!

After some research we found a method of Transverse Abdominal Exercises  (The transversus abdominis is the deepest abdominal muscle that sits below the oblique muscles) where we hold and support baby. Rows and back work have also been increadbly valuable in resisting the dreaded pregnancy back curve and rounded shoulders.

This video below shows a little bit of a circuit which consisted of 40 seconds of each exercise:

  • Step ups onto box
  • Side lunge (weighted)
  • Medicine ball throw/squat at the wall
  • Weighted sumo squat holding kettle bell

 27 weeks pregnant: Medicine ball throws/squats.

This particular session we finished with some light “accessory” weighted work.

 27 weeks pregnant cable press

Suggested reading and sites to follow:

  • The Bloom Method – @thebloommethod (Insta)
  • SRC recovery shorts and articles about Diasasis Rectis (Abdominal seperation) @srchealth (Insta)
  • Rose Watson, Personal Trainer @rosewatson1 (Insta)
  • Follow me on Instagram to see who I’m following for fitness inspiration – there are some incredibly inspiring ladies out there! @christine_westbury

Here’s hoping I can keep working on my fit pregnancy for as long as possible. With the summer heat and weight gain (now 31 weeks), it’s definitely getting harder and harder!

 29 weeks pregnant: morning walks with my girl. I bribe her with fluffies and treats!


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