What’s in my hospital bag – Baby. Part 1/2

All of a sudden we are getting very close to meeting our new baby; Midwife appointments are weekly, toddler care arrangements are made for when labour starts/baby arrives, pre-birth acupuncture is in full swing, the nursery is complete, the freezer is stocked, oh, and I’m 38 weeks now…

So, my hospital bag is packed…let’s get organised!
Last time we hauled far too much stuff up to the delivery suite (twice – as got turned away 20 hours before returning), so this time we are keeping it sweet and concise.

I’m going to break this up into two posts – first up – Baby! Second post – Mum!


For Baby:

  • Large basic muslin swaddle
  • Nature Baby cotton change mat/blanket
  • Merino swaddle wrap/blanket
  • Small muslin for spills
  • Lamington merino socks
  • Newborn nappies
  • Kimono style bodysuit and leggings
  • Mokopuna merino bodysuit (prem size)
  • Marks & Spencer sleepsuit
  • Merino hat
  • Love2Dream swaddle
  • Babywipes – Water wipes

Not pictured: 

  • Capsule. We hired a brand new Maxi-Cosi Max 30 from Baby On The Move
  • Extra changes of clothes in “car bag”, see post to follow about “Mum’s bag”
  • Extra nappies and wipes

Special mentions:

Merino Swaddle: A little tip for the merino swaddle. Go to your specialist fabric shop and buy a metre of fine merino, then have someone (in this case my Mum) edge the merino with a stretch stitch, and, it makes an amazing swaddle. Merino is beautiful, not only is it warm and natural, but it stretches with baby as you swaddle.

I plan to ask the hospital midwife for a “Tubigrip” as part of my establishing breastfeeding / fourth trimester plan. It’s a tube that you wear (like a boob tube) which you pop baby into between your breasts (like a kangaroo pouch). Mum’s temperature fluctuates by two degrees in here, to moderate baby’s temperature, so skin to skin is great. It’s also easy for baby to find Mum for a feed.

Lamington Merino Socks: these are my favourite socks for kids. The only socks that stay on. A girlfriend recently said that her newborn settled better with his Lamington’s on – they are THAT good!

Shop Lamington merino socks

Marks & Spencer: exceptional quality and cute prints! We use Marks & Spencer bodysuits, sleepsuits and muslins. They come in packets of 5 or 7, and the new range of sleepsuits have a matching dome at the bottom that help you line up the domes to make it easy to do up all the little domes – smart!

Shop Marks & Spencer Bodysuits

Shop Marks & Spencer Sleepsuits

Love2Dream Swaddle: we do a mixture of swaddling and using these sleeping bags. The Love2Swaddle became a sleep association for our eldest – which was great. Pop it on = sleep time (if only it was always that easy right?)

Shop Love2Dream Swaddle from Baby City

We are very much looking forward to meeting our little man, and becoming a family of four. It will be interesting to see, if second time around, my “refined hospital bag” hits the mark or not. I suspect there will be some things I don’t use….let’s see?

Good luck with your hospital bag and delivery – Feel free to post your ideas/suggestions below!

CW xx

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