What’s in my hospital bag – Mum. Part 2/2

I’m going to have two bags packed, one bag to take to the hospital with essentials I need during or immediately after the birth, and another bag for later. No point hauling everything up until you know!

This post is for Mum (and Dad), see my earlier post here on what’s in my hospital bag for baby.


What’s in my hospital bag: 

  • Lansinol breastfeeding nipple cream
  • Large breastfeeding bra for when milk comes in
  • Electrolyte sachets: to put in water bottles during labour
  • Water bottles: one for Mum, one for Dad
  • 1mL syringe and spoon measure: as part of my breastfeeding plan
  • Hand sanitiser
  • Oral health care kit
  • Raw snacking packs of nuts
  • Jelly babies (appropriately!) lollies
  • SRC Recovery Shorts
  • Paleo bars / Tom & Luke’s protein bars
  • Milestone cards
  • Acupuncture/Acupressure and Antenatal Lactation consultant notes for reference
  • Gifts for our Toddler
  • iPhone charger
  • Camera

A special product mention:

SRC Recovery Shorts
This garment is amazing. SRC Recovery Shorts speed up recovery, reduce pain and increase pelvic/back support. And, they help regain your pre-baby body shape faster along with increasing mobility and pelvic muscle function

I believe these shorts helped repair my adominal separation and provide support to my healing body last time.

Straight after delivery I wore these all day and night, hubby had to help me pull them up as they were sooooo tight (a good thing). When washing my shorts, and wasn’t wearing them, my lowerback would hurt, and insides felt generally yuck.

The shorts fit comfortably under jeans and other clothes – helping create a seamless look.

After a few weeks I had to go down two sizes as everything had shrunk nicely – yippee! Let’s hope it’s the same this time.

Check out SRC Instagram for results and more information – and don’t bother with a hideous uncomfortable girdle – just go for these!

Shop SRC Recovery Shorts here

Not pictured:

  • The uglies: undies and maternity pads including full brief underwear in case of c-section. Breastfeeding pads, both disposable and fabric reusable. I get my reusable breastfeeding pads from Breastmates.
  • Nightgown / breastfeeding singlet: Keeping in mind I’ll be wearing my SRC Recovery shorts, something to pop over the top or to wear on the top half that is easy to feed in.
  • Make up bag: I have been keeping nearly empty bottles/powders of my make up brands for this make up bag so I don’t have to worry. Deodorant, moisturiser, shower gel, special flannel (in a snap lock bag for when wet), lots of contact lenses, and glasses. Though, I am conscious to be as natural as possible to aid with establishing breastfeeding as deodorants and perfumes can confuse baby from Mum’s natural scent – don’t worry, I will shower though!

In my other bag which will stay in the car:

  • Extra nappies and wipes
  • Extra breastfeeding pads
  • Three changes of sleepsuits, and body suits for baby
  • Snacks
  • Extra muslins

Other Hospital Prep:

Food prep:

Last time, I ate all the wrong things post birth – “don’t worry, you are breastfeeding, eat whatever you want” and ended up putting on so much weight.

This time I want to be prepared. So, I plan to have some food prep done to eat in hospital rather than white bread corned beef sandwiches, fruit & jelly etc which does not agree with my tummy. I’ll do a blog post on food later but, things I’ll be preparing are, overnight oats/chia, bliss balls, protein shakes, premade frozen green smoothie pouches (ready to blend), oat & banana biscuits. All things that are either; in the freezer ready to go, or just need to add water/almond milk to.

Gifts for my 2.5 year old from her baby brother

A girlfriend had a c section recently and because her son visited so often, she was super prepared with small gifts for each time he came to see her and the new baby – smart.

So, I’ve got a small array of presents – whatever doesn’t get used I’ll gift in the future (always handy to have gifts on hand!).

  • Big present from baby is her own baby and bath set
  • New books – The Little Yellow Digger by Betty Gilderdale – she loved this at a boy friends house the other day
  • Colouring in / sticker books to keep her occupied
  • Clothes for the baby set
  • Bottles, bibs, nappy set for baby
  • Doc McStuffins medical kit

It might seem like I’m spoiling our toddler, but it’s going to be a bit change for her, and baby may be getting presents. I’d rather be prepared and not use the gifts at this time, and aid her transition to becoming a big sister (of which, she is SO excited about!)
Overall, feeling pretty content and ready to meet our Little Man. I find myself going into his nursery and just “thinking” about what it’s going to be like as a family of four (and a Mum of a boy!). His kicks and tumbles in my tummy are slowing down as he runs out of room, but I love tickling his little feet from the outside (when he boots me one!). Hopefully it won’t be too long now until we get to meet “him”

CW xx

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