Pregnancy Update. Bump, Food & Preparation.

Well, I’m 39 weeks and 6 days pregnant today…and, while I’m playing the ‘waiting game’, I thought I’d write a little blog post about; what bump has been up to, what food I’ve been enjoying, and what food I’ve prepared for when ‘he’ arrives.

Bump has been keeping me busy, moving from one side to the other (wiggle that cute bum boy!), head down, loads of rib kicks/grazes, and keeping that heartburn burning. He’s pretty tight in there, but sitting happy in perfect position for delivery (let’s hope he stays that way!). It’s not that glamorous anymore, as every time I pick something up from the floor, I endeavour to perform a full deep wide sumo squat… and, it’s getting harder to get up – thank goodness I’ve practiced those squats hey?! And, walking has become more ‘duck’ like over the past few days!

The food department has been pretty consistent throughout this pregnancy:

  • Almond milk (unsweetened), banana & chocolate protein smoothie.stdalfour-stawberry-jam-400px_large
  • St Dalfour Strawberry Jam (it’s naturally sweetened with dates and grapes so no sugar), and Vogel’s Gluten Free Toast.


  • FRUIT! Any kind of melon; watermelon, rockmelon…. And, grapes.
  • Delicious RAW Mango slices from Ceres Organics (no suphites or sugar).11875_CE_RAW_Mango_Slices_Shadow
  • Bliss Balls, raw baking or, gluten free, sugar free baking. See Elana’s Pantry for great ideas.
  • RAW Petone Green Smoothies and Bounty Balls (delicious!)
  • Also, I must mention that the scones from Co-Ed & Little Cafe (Lower Hutt War Memorial Library) are amazing, and have been sneaking in… along with some Easter Eggs! Yesterday, I had TWO scones!!!!!

Lunch ideas:

  • Avocado & Tuna on Corn Thins or Gluten Free Toast.
  • Mini mushrooms, pan fried in butter with chilli, oregano and lemon juice on Gluten Free Toast. The more chilli flakes the better
  • Avocado, Tomato, Halloumi (Zany Zeus) on Gluten Free Toast
  • Eggs – any way as long as well done
  • Salad with Tuna & Kumera

Dinner: I’ve been pretty tired around this time, so I’ve been roasting a few days worth of kumera for reheating, or cheating and using frozen kumera chips from the supermarket (not completely healthy, but not too bad either), making big batches of salad which we just serve from, and pan frying some meat. Or, if I’ve prepared meals for when baby arrives (see below), we’ve eaten some of these.

And, some nights lately, dinner has consisted of bacon and eggs… everyone loves a good ‘fry up’ for dinner!


  • I’m not going to lie – Ice cream has definitely featured! And, there is nothing wrong with that!RMNG-e1441600335747-225x300
  • Yogurt with Pure Delish Raspberry & Maple Nut Nograin-ola (this stuff is AMAZING!) I probably should make my own as it is quite pricey…


Food I’ve Prepared for the Freezer:

  • Salmon Fish Pie (is in the pie dish so will defrost overnight in the fridge then pop in the oven). I simply used Salmon, and Gluten Free flour.
  • Gluten Free Frozen Pizzas topped with 58 Base Perfect Pizza Sauce, Mozzerella cheese, Buffalo Mozzerella & Pepperoni. Will pull out frozen and pop straight in the oven. Also will make a great lunch when we are all at home during the first week or so (Isabella included)
  • Beef Bolognese Sauce. For either over steamed brocolli and green veges, potatoes, or on toast. No pasta here.
  • Frozen steamed vege packets for when we run out of fresh
  • Roast kumera – just freshen in oven once defrosted
  • Jamie Oliver’s Guiness Lamb Shank
  • Jamie Oliver’s Beef & Ale Stew. Can make this into a potato topped pie, or serve with mash, veges etc.
  • Devilled Sausages (my daughter’s favourite)
  • Beef Nacho Mince/Chilli. We have Gluten Free Corn Chips, ripening avocados and sour cream on hand for when ready to make nachos. Not completely clean, but a good easy meal.
  • Frozen Hoki Fish Fillets 3 Crumb for our daughter. Another Isabella favourite.
  • Beef Curry – I used this Pataks Slow Cooker Indian Rich & Hearty Beef Curry (not completely clean)
  • Chef Pete Evans Paleo Apple & Carrot Muffins
  • Smoothie packets ready to blend (just add water, coconut water, or almond milk and protein). Banana, Spinach or Kale and Blueberries
  • Elana’s Pantry Gluten Free Banana Cake
  • Elana’s Pantry Gluten Free Orange & Chocolate Scones

I know that life with a newborn and a toddler is going to be pretty hectic. And, our little family, well, we eat a lot of food… so, I’ve tried to be as prepared as possible, keep the fridge stocked, and freezer prepped. On the fridge is a list of all the meals that are in the freezer, so hubby can simply ‘pick’ a meal to reheat/get started on. I remember when Isabella was very little, I sat on the couch for two hours (normally some time around 4 – 8pm), just feeding non stop. I expect that this will be the hardest time for us as a family, particularly when everyone is hungry….oh, and, did I mention that we eat a lot?

Also, having a plan of attack for Isabella’s snacks – knowing what works for her. As a growing toddler, she needs to continuously eat, so, having food and snacks ready for her, is going to be vital in ‘keeping the peace’. No one likes anyone when they are H-ANGRY!

Once baby does arrive, I am looking forward to some things that I have missed during pregnancy; oysters, prawns, smoked salmon slices, sushi, medium rare steak, to name a few. Hubby’s birthday is coming up in May, so, hopefully we can pop out as a family for an early dinner and I can enjoy some of the seafood and meat delicacies that I’ve been craving – particularly now that it is Bluff Oyster season!

Perhaps you may not be waiting on a baby like us, and just looking for family food ideas. Hopefully some of the above ideas are appealing to you and help make life a little easier. My Dear (Food) Diary blog is one of my most popular posts, so have a look there for more food/meal ideas too. And, feel free to share any links in comments below to favourite recipes also – would love to hear what works for you!

In the meantime, keep watch for an update on Master Westbury’s arrival…

  39 weeks pregnant, Wellington Frank Kits Park / Waterfront

CW xx


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