Cooper has arrived!

Little Baby Cooper Westbury has arrived and, we are totally smitten…we are now a family of four!  Here’s a quick update on the labour, meeting Isabella, and our first 48 hours.

Cooper was born after a fairly straight forward natural five hour labour, and weighed in at 6lbs 12oz (3040 grams) at 2.43am. We’d been out for dinner that night, and then all of a sudden when it was time to go to bed I realised I was in labour…it kind of caught us off guard.

Dinner out as a family of three – our last picture like this  

During the labour I was grateful Mike’s amazing support, but also being the second time around I was more aware of taking control of how I wanted the labour to go. One thing I definitely didn’t want was another 32 hour labour like we had for Isabella. So, we stayed at home, used the Swiss ball, acupressure, shower, walking and a little bit of dancing to get through the contractions. We were at the hospital for the last 1.5hrs of labour where gas & air became my friend. Mike was absolutely amazing supporting and encouraging me through the whole thing.

Not even ten minutes old

While Cooper is smaller than what his big sister Isabella was at birth (8lbs 4oz), he is healthy, happy and super strong. So,  being a second time Mum, we decided it would be better for our family to be together at home, so left the hospital later that afternoon.  

Mike, Isabella and myself have settled into life as a family of four pretty quickly. I’m sure the “newborn haze” will mean life moves at a pretty quick pace now for a while – so, let’s make sure we enjoy it hey! Isabella has been gentle and caring, but also not too fazed about her little brother – but then also enjoying showering him with gentle cuddles and kisses.

Isabella meeting her brother for the first time 

In Cooper’s first 48 hours all he has really done is feed, sleep and poop (would you expect anything else from a newborn?). The first night involved four hours of straight feeding which was pretty tough as we worked on establishing milk supply together. It was exhausting! He’s had his first car ride (home from the hospital), and first buggy ride. We went out for a walk, Isabella scootered (Mike ran to keep up with Belle!), and Cooper happily slept. Second night has been easier, still lots of feeding but a whole lot more sleep. And, of course over the last two days, we’ve had lots of cuddles meeting family and friends!

Thank you to everyone for their well wishes so far….with love from Isabella and Cooper’s Mummy (& Daddy)

CW xx

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