The end of an era…we say goodbye to our first home

This home will always hold a special place in our hearts. With so many milestones and memories created here… Newly married, bringing home Duke (our black lab pup), renovating, developing the house and gardens, Mike’s 30th, numerous birthdays and parties, and, for both of our children it’s the only home they know.

But, all good things come to an end, and a new adventure awaits us. A new home, a new place to create memories…and more space! Yippee!

In commemoration of the move, here are some home highlights

After: New Resene colours for the exterior. Weatherboards “Quarter Craigieburn”, Windows “Double Alabaster”, Accent “Iron Sand”

Before: Prior to exterior paint work, After steps and pavers had been completed.

Master Bedroom After: Paint: Resene Quarter Tea and Alabaster. Duvet cover: Royal Doulton. Pillows: Farmers. Artwork: Trade Me. Bedside Accessories: Kmart. Curtains: Lewis’

Master Bedroom Before: Previous owners had painted over wallpaper. I recall it took nearly 10 hours to scrape and remove the wallpaper from the walls.

Hallway After: Paint: Resene Half Tea, Alabaster, Door in Double Tea. Artwork: Kris Ancog

Hallway Before

Kitchen After: Paint: Alabaster. Table & Chairs: Trade Me. Accessories: Kmart. Appliances: Smeg

Kitchen Before. The kitchen didn’t even fit the space properly – it must have been second hand when installed.

Kitchen during renovations

Puppy Duke in the kitchen cupboard

Isabella’s Room After.

Isabella’s Room Before

Lounge After. Paint: Resene Alabaster. Custom built wall unit/storage with drawer and entertainment unit. Artwork: Holly Thomas

Lounge Before/During Renovations.

Bathroom After. Sourced from Zip Plumbing Lower Hutt. Tiles: Tile Trends Petone. Tapware: Methven

Second Bedroom After. Paint: Half tea & Alabaster. Drawers: Mocka. Benchseat: Nood. Pillows: Farmers & Kmart. Curtains: Lewis’

Second Bedroom Before. More wallpaper stripping!

Puppy Duke on the dropsheets taking a break from the renovations

Exterior After. Chair: Mocka

Exterior Before: Vegetable patch was grassed over and turned into an entertaining area. Trellis replaced.

A big shout out to Shane Brocklebank from The Professionals Redcoats Lower Hutt. The process of listing and selling our house was simple. The results were phenomenal, and beyond our expectations. Our house sold so well at auction that it was featured on, and on the front page of The Hutt News – this was a little overwhelming (being so public!), but the nature of the current property boom.

It will be sad to say goodbye to Tama Street, we have loved it, and our hearts were poured into the renovations, but we are looking forward to the next stage of our lives…and NOT renovating! 😉

CW xx

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