Clean Mixes Bliss Ball Mixes from yours truly xx

cleantreatscoIt’s been a long time coming, but I’m excited to announce the launch of Clean Mixes

cleantreatscoheaderOver the past three years I’ve been busy with my babies, with a short stint back at work in between, but, I knew I wanted to do something with food. Clean food, quickly and easily is something that I’m incredibly passionate about (and enjoy). Which, is how the idea for Clean Mixes came about. I started using my premixes myself, and the more I spoke to people, it became obvious that they would benefit and enjoy my Bliss Ball Mixes too!

cleantreatsco2Clean Mixes sells packets of Bliss Ball / Clean Treat Mixes to make at home. Refined sugar, dairy and gluten free, the #cleanballs are perfect treats for busy, health conscious people.

chocolate-labelchocolate-hazelnut-labelpeanut-crunch-labelsalted-caramel-labelPlease pop over and check us out on Facebook and Instagram.