Hi, I’m Christine Westbury and this is my site!
To be honest, this site is a bit of an evolving piece of work, something that was set up as a bit of fun while I enjoy being a Mum to my two kiddos; Isabella and Cooper. 

My background is in Marketing, having completed a Bachelor in Commerce and Administration majoring in Marketing & Management. While at University and for a few years after, I developed a ballroom and latin dance studio, mainly through online marketing methods, which saw me and a couple of teachers train around 150 clients a week. Full time work took over, and the night time dance lessons weren’t supportive of my new post Uni/married life (house to renovate/full time work/puppy/you know the drill!), so I moved into Agency Marketing. A few years down the track and I’d worked in Agency, and Client marketing, which envolved into Operations & Systems development. Developing franchise modules, CRM, website tools, and overarching company strategy. 

Our Wedding Day March 2009

Fast forward to 2012, we decided to start a family. Isabella was born August 2013. 

After Isabella was born I put on a decent amount of weight, this is when I was introduced to the barbell, weights and my personal trainer. Body fat was 37%, but it quickly came down, and my new lifestyle kick started. Whole foods, sugar free and gluten free (not all the time though – who am I kidding!)

2015 we were pregnant with our second child – this time a boy. Having gained a decent amount of weight last pregnancy, and not wanting to waste all of my hard work at the gym away, I continued to train (modified) throughout my pregnancy. It was an amazing journey, in which I learnt so much about my body. 

April 2016, our little boy Cooper entered the world…

Which brings us to today, who knows where the future will take us and our little family. Things I know for certain that will feature are; exercise (just have to repair my abdominals before getting back into it); travel (always good to have trips booked to look forward to); good wholesome food (love trying new foods and nourishing our bodies); work (just unsure as to what form at this stage – hey, Cooper’s only a few weeks old!); and lots of fun, laughter, family time and LOVE. 

My two babies, Isabella 2.5 years and Cooper 1 week old – April 2016

I look forward to seeing where this project takes us

CW xx

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