Clean Mixes Bliss Ball Mixes from yours truly xx

cleantreatscoIt’s been a long time coming, but I’m excited to announce the launch of Clean Mixes

cleantreatscoheaderOver the past three years I’ve been busy with my babies, with a short stint back at work in between, but, I knew I wanted to do something with food. Clean food, quickly and easily is something that I’m incredibly passionate about (and enjoy). Which, is how the idea for Clean Mixes came about. I started using my premixes myself, and the more I spoke to people, it became obvious that they would benefit and enjoy my Bliss Ball Mixes too!

cleantreatsco2Clean Mixes sells packets of Bliss Ball / Clean Treat Mixes to make at home. Refined sugar, dairy and gluten free, the #cleanballs are perfect treats for busy, health conscious people.

chocolate-labelchocolate-hazelnut-labelpeanut-crunch-labelsalted-caramel-labelPlease pop over and check us out on Facebook and Instagram.

What can we learn from

  • Exceptional customer service
  • Do more with less

So, I’ve just returned from a three day Culture Camp at Zappos in downtown Las Vegas.

What is Zappos? is the largest online retailer of shoes and apparel. It has also just recently been purchased by

What is a Culture Camp? Basically it is a three day overview of all things Zappos; core values; company vision; marketing; customer focused call centre; holacracy; recruitment and retention – Learning about and experiencing the Culture of Zappos.

Our business, in some ways is not very different to Zappos… Continue reading

An Example of Email Success – 180 Resource Solutions

My hubby started his own Recruitment business December 2013 – 180 Resource Solutions. Yes, just a few months after our daughter was born!

Mike had been in the recruitment business for many years, but had been out of the Construction and Property Recruitment market for a while… we needed to figure out a way to launch the company, increase company visibility and remind local construction and property companies that Mike was back in the game and willing to assist!

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Creating a Database – the key to “creating a business”

You often hear about businesses “creating something”

Apple is “creating something”; changing the technology and business world on a daily basis.

“Creating something” for yourself, is all about creating customer interaction! Unless people are interested in your product or service, there is not much point putting effort in to it.

Creating a database should underpin all businesses. A database of people who are genuinely interested in your offering, even if they haven’t purchased yet! Continue reading