Cooper has arrived!

Little Baby Cooper Westbury has arrived and, we are totally smitten…we are now a family of four!  Here’s a quick update on the labour, meeting Isabella, and our first 48 hours.

Cooper was born after a fairly straight forward natural five hour labour, and weighed in at 6lbs 12oz (3040 grams) at 2.43am. We’d been out for dinner that night, and then all of a sudden when it was time to go to bed I realised I was in labour…it kind of caught us off guard.

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Pregnancy Update. Bump, Food & Preparation.

Well, I’m 39 weeks and 6 days pregnant today…and, while I’m playing the ‘waiting game’, I thought I’d write a little blog post about; what bump has been up to, what food I’ve been enjoying, and what food I’ve prepared for when ‘he’ arrives.

Bump has been keeping me busy, moving from one side to the other (wiggle that cute bum boy!), head down, loads of rib kicks/grazes, and keeping that heartburn burning. He’s pretty tight in there, but sitting happy in perfect position for delivery (let’s hope he stays that way!). It’s not that glamorous anymore, as every time I pick something up from the floor, I endeavour to perform a full deep wide sumo squat… and, it’s getting harder to get up – thank goodness I’ve practiced those squats hey?! And, walking has become more ‘duck’ like over the past few days!

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What’s in my hospital bag – Mum. Part 2/2

I’m going to have two bags packed, one bag to take to the hospital with essentials I need during or immediately after the birth, and another bag for later. No point hauling everything up until you know!

This post is for Mum (and Dad), see my earlier post here on what’s in my hospital bag for baby.


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What’s in my hospital bag – Baby. Part 1/2

All of a sudden we are getting very close to meeting our new baby; Midwife appointments are weekly, toddler care arrangements are made for when labour starts/baby arrives, pre-birth acupuncture is in full swing, the nursery is complete, the freezer is stocked, oh, and I’m 38 weeks now…

So, my hospital bag is packed…let’s get organised!
Last time we hauled far too much stuff up to the delivery suite (twice – as got turned away 20 hours before returning), so this time we are keeping it sweet and concise.

I’m going to break this up into two posts – first up – Baby! Second post – Mum!

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It’s just “see you later” for now, but not goodbye gym…. 😢

The time has come for me to listen to my body, stop training and rest. You just know it’s time right?!
It has been incredible to work out twice a week up until 36 weeks pregnant as it’s such a big part of my life and who I am. Training has been ‘different’ and bump has kept me challenged, but I have learnt so much about the female body during pregnancy and what can be achieved. Plus – a few new exercises and variations (nothing wrong with that hey!).

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Pregnancy third trimester fashion faves – embracing the weight gain!

Don’t you just love it when your t-shirts only cover down to your belly button, and your clothes no longer fit your growing body?

Guess it’s time to go shopping…

I’m absolutely loving these two finds from ASOS

Off to a Bridal Dress Fitting for friends wedding at 31 weeks pregnant. I was bridesmaid for her a few weeks later! Wearing ASOS Maternity Pinny Bodycon Dress In Spot Print, D&G sunnies and sandals from Oz. 

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Pregnancy Workout – 33 weeks

Personal Trainer, Rose Watson has been keeping me fit, working out with her twice a week has been amazing. Not only am I working on my strength and conditioning for my upcoming birth marathon (did I mention my last labour was 32 hours long?), but it is also amazing to have time away from “mum duties”. It’s always fun working out with Rose (how am I going to cope waiting for my body to repair before returning….)?!?

Here’s another pregnancy workout:

Circuit (Repeat 3x through)

  • Romanian deadlift dbell x12
  • Walking lunge (about 50 total per set)
  • Abductor band walk (about 30-40 per side per set)

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Keeping fit for baby 

Prior to getting pregnant my fitness lifestyle consisted of stength training with a personal trainer at the gym, walking and eating well…..

However, since finding out I was pregnant I have cut back on a lot of weighted exercises, but still trained twice a week. Big shout out to my trainer Rose Watson who was adapted our workouts and supported my changing/growing body. Thanks lady!

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Pregnancy Faves

Pregnancy can be good, bad and sometimes pretty ugly….

So, I think it’s important to look good and look after yourself. Easier said than done sometimes when you feel like your bottom is growing faster than your baby bump, all you want to eat is toast or cake because everything else makes your feel sick, and you don’t feel like moving because you…are…just….sooooo….tired. Luckily I’ve got off lightly on some of those things, but I’m definitely human! I’m of the opinion – why not try to make life easier with some enjoyment and keep moving for endorphins? Continue reading

We’re having a baby!

And we are just so excited!

Our family is growing to four April 2016… I’m 27 weeks so, just over 12 weeks to go till we get to meet our little sprout.

Christmas 2015

This pregnancy has been different to my first pregnancy with Miss I. With Miss I, I threw up basically every meal all the way through to 33 weeks pregnant, but other than that, felt pretty good (except the dreaded tired first trimester). This time around, I’ve thrown up a little, but only really in the first 16 weeks or so, and, was pretty tired during the first trimester, but have been feeling pretty good… Continue reading