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If there is a health trend, Christine Westbury has probably done it,

There are a few things she's a little obsessed with; family, health, fitness, online marketing, articulating the story, systemising everything, and continuous improvement.

Recently, Christine built and sold her business Clean Mixes.
Clean Mixes was curated due to a wicked sweet tooth. A desire to satisfy her sweet tooth with out refined sugars, gluten and dairy. The bliss ball and baking mixes satisfied that problem, but also provided a business platform to trial and error marketing and business systems. Some milestones included creating a fully outsourced model within nine months of starting the business and building the social following to nearly 18,000 followers. It was a beautiful time.

However, it did come at a cost to Christine's health.

This was the perfect opportunity to keep searching for answers, put new 'systems' and protocols in place for personal health and wellbeing and really hone in on what works and doesn't work. Unfortunately her eczema got worse, along with multiple infections, and low functioning core organs, which then lead Christine to search for more answers. There had to be a better way to health than taking heavy hitting drugs.

Today, Christine is sharing this journey and the passion for all things health and marketing by sharing her story and marketing insights.

Christine has recently founded Blackjet Marketing.

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