Pregnancy Workout – 33 weeks

Personal Trainer, Rose Watson has been keeping me fit, working out with her twice a week has been amazing. Not only am I working on my strength and conditioning for my upcoming birth marathon (did I mention my last labour was 32 hours long?), but it is also amazing to have time away from “mum duties”. It’s always fun working out with Rose (how am I going to cope waiting for my body to repair before returning….)?!?

Here’s another pregnancy workout:

Circuit (Repeat 3x through)

  • Romanian deadlift dbell x12
  • Walking lunge (about 50 total per set)
  • Abductor band walk (about 30-40 per side per set)

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What can we learn from

  • Exceptional customer service
  • Do more with less

So, I’ve just returned from a three day Culture Camp at Zappos in downtown Las Vegas.

What is Zappos? is the largest online retailer of shoes and apparel. It has also just recently been purchased by

What is a Culture Camp? Basically it is a three day overview of all things Zappos; core values; company vision; marketing; customer focused call centre; holacracy; recruitment and retention – Learning about and experiencing the Culture of Zappos.

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